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Thursday, March 7, 2013
We’re Selling Birdhouses!
A kind soul donated dozens of birdhouses and squirrel feeders to the Chapter that are hand made and we are now selling them. If you are a Chapter member, the price is $7.00 each. If you are selling them to a friend, they are $10.00 each. We are in need of funds, so if you’d like one, please call Renee Pierre and she’ll make sure it gets to you.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Recorder's Message
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All meetings are held at the Clubhouse at Kellogg Marsh Grange Hall at 100th and 67th St. NE in Marysville. Meetings have been changed to 5:30 PM and are followed by refreshments. If you need a ride, call an Officer and they’ll make arrangements to have you picked up and delivered back home.

Attendance Drawing starts at $10.00 and adds $1.00 per meeting each time it’s not won.
Senior Regent's Message
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